Is Farmhouse Design Fading?

Is Farmhouse Design Fading?

The timeless appeal of the farm-inspired home décor continues to grow, and you won't be able to pass up on these colors for your walls or furniture anytime soon! If you're feeling like farmhouse style is fading away, don't worry- it's happening everywhere.

Malls are full of industrial designs and minimalistic furniture pieces while other stores offer woodsy interiors with rustic accents in an attempt to capture that 'old world charm'. The same can be said for your living room where most people turn their back on country cabin kitschy prints or distressed walls covered by rusted steel sheets instead opting for cleaner lines found elsewhere around the market such as mid century modern styled spaces, featuring minimalist black iron tables paired up next. There are plenty of styles that can fit into many of the popular home trends.

Modern / Industrial
Country- French/ English

The farmhouse trend hasn't slowed down, and it's a style that will continue to stay popular for years to come. With so many people looking for the country charm of farm house décor in their home, you'll be able to find an endless supply of inspiration when designing your next space or shopping online!

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