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Materializing Your Home Décor Visions

So you've made the decision to redecorate your home. Now it's time to put your ideas into practice.

Once you realize that your living room needs a brighter aura or that you kitchen needs a functional upgrade, a surge of ideas comes running through your head. But in many cases, and especially if decorating is not your forte, those ideas come disorganized and unconnected. They leave us with a general vision of “what we want.”

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A good way to put those ideas into a tangible, visual scheme is to familiarize yourself with different decor styles and choices.

I've found that subscribing to home decor catalogs gives me an arsenal of home decor ideas, as it materializes my own decor visions into a concrete concept.

As I browse through home decorating catalogs I think of myriad of things, from small upgrades that I can do today to big changes that I plan for the future.

Sometimes ideas come in colors. Whether you suddenly got sick of the brick red in the kitchen or you have a vision of your dining room embedded in royal purple, colors are an important part of home decor. A change of hue is a cheap and easy DIY way to give any old, boring room a brand new feel.

To materialize your color ideas, there are many types of decor software that allow you to customize the colors in a room and see the prospective result. There are also some free features on home decoration sites and paint sites that allow you to test the paint colors they sell in different decor styles. Both of these are excellent ways to see your visions of color applied.

Many people are afraid of taking risks and are concerned that they will end up with a room that distresses them instead of soothing them. To prevent this as much as possible, and to explore your decoration creativity without fear, materialize your visions first. You'll feel a lot safer if you can see its true potential before you put in your hard work and efforts.

Download our Design Workbook for free! 


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