The 5 Best Modern Holiday Décor Ideas

The 5 Best Modern Holiday Décor Ideas

The holidays bring out the spirit in everyone and is one of the best holidays to decorate your home. Here are some items from our Christmas Shoppe you may want to bring into your home or a friend's home this season.



Neutral colors are used in many modern holiday décor. Color themes in black, gray and white, off white with pops of color entertain the eye.

This tiered Christmas tree stand can be placed on your wall or on a table.  Modern design uses sharp and clean lines and other geometric shapes.

Glass ornaments and candle holders and candlesticks bring shine and modern touches to your home. 

Mercury glass is an interesting art specialty and needs to be appreciated. 

Mercury glass dates back to around 1840. The original purpose was to provide a reflective coating for mirrors. Back then, elemental mercury was used in the process, how dangerous that must have been as it is today. 

Mercury glass made a comeback around 1900 as a festive form of glassware to use around the holidays. It fell out of style over the decades, but now, mercury glass has made yet another comeback, especially among antique enthusiasts. Today mercury glass uses a silvering formula applied between double-walled glass creates the dull mirror finish, not real mercury.



Geometric shapes represent modern. Clean, straight lines in metals and glass are ways to bring the modern holiday look into your home.

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