Debbie, also known as Deborah Shulman, is the visionary behind The Modern Farmhouse, a concept inspired by her personal journey and the love of home decor. Fueled by the desire to care for her husband during challenging health times she founded the company as a platform for those facing similiar situations.

Debbie's mission extended beyond commerce, she aimed to foster a community of home decor enthusiasts. Her innovative business model empowers individuals to earn while expressing their passion for home decor, creating a vibrant and supportive community.

MISSION- We are committed to providing a variety of unique and stylish farmhouse décor and design products,we handpick selections of products that are not only behrough a subsautiful but also highly stylish and practical, in order to help our valued clients reinvent their spaces so they can lead a more pleasant and enjoyable life. Our success is based on a set of solid values such as quality, design, and unrivaled customer service.

VISION- Becoming a highly reputed farmhouse décor and design brand, as well as a referent within the decoration industry. Our ambition is to meet and exceed the standards of our clients, by providing them with unique and top-quality products that consistently provide harmony to their spaces, and bring pleasure to their lives.

WHY US- Some people think of their home decorations as just another set of products and accessories in their house, but here at The Modern Farmhouse we see another whole dimension in them! Our products are life changers. They turn decorating and home improvement into a more pleasurable experience, and save you time and money through a practical subscription model that will periodically and effortlessly bring the best décor products right to your doorstep. The Modern Farmhouse brings color and decoration to your house, showcasing stylish, beautiful designs that will blend perfectly with your home and bring harmony to its aesthetic, creating a welcoming atmosphere that will help you lead a more relaxed, enjoyable life.

We carefully source each and every one of our items with special care, and we take that goal seriously, every step of the way, putting a special focus on design and quality, so you can get the best, most beautiful farmhouse decorations at the most competitive prices.