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Farmhouse Style Decor Box

Farmhouse Style Decor Box

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The Farmhouse Style Box is a monthly subscription for you! It’s filled with items you’ll love chosen especially for you – and your home.

Debbie and her team personally curate home decor pieces in every month's themed box.

What will be in the box? 

Each month will be a surprise.  Every box will have a thought out theme that we feel you will enjoy. 

Your home is your sanctuary and we want to make it easy for you to decorate.

My team and I handpick pieces to create a cohesive, curated look into your space.

We want to bring joy with beautiful pieces  at an affordable price.

We are here to inspire you. 

A home decor subscription box has to have a candle inside. In every monthly box a beautiful, handcrafted candle will evoke a sense of calm, joy, and whimsy. 

Delight in something that sparkles, shines, or just adds that certain something to a space. You’re sure to find a home decor item that matches your style and makes every day feel like a special occasion.

Please note: Items shown in the photo are for representation only. 

Some pieces are handmade by a crafter or a certified fair trade artisan.You will find candles, pillows, tea towels, soaps, trays, art and so much more.

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